Smart Learning

At Goal Vault, our mission is to leverage technology to unlock learning potential, improve classroom engagement and develop individualized paths to success.

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The Question

Can technology assist with overcoming the most common challenges facing students today regardless of demographics or socioeconomics?

Studies show that by the 6th grade, children are becoming hyper-aware and insecure of themselves. Their insecurities manifest in overconfidence and unwillingness to reach out to authority figures for assistance. Oftentimes even if they reach out to someone, they struggle to articulate the challenges they’re having. Most have not yet developed consistent study habits and are unclear about how they absorb information effectively. Combine these challenges with disorganization, peer group competition and continual distractions competing for what little attention they have left and the result is volatile, stressed, overwhelmed teens.

Goal Vault builds habits that ultimately solidify into changed behaviors that improve student engagement, maximize teacher effectiveness, and raise overall school performance by improving these core learning tenants.